Swim, Bike, Run, GET MARRIED!

Apparently planes are meant for writing blogs because here I am on another flight and finally finding a moment for an updated blog. The last time I wrote, I was on a plane coming home from Australia pumped about 6 good weeks of training before my next race in Mexico. And here I am on that plane to Mexico (with a quick stop in Mississippi) for my next race. Oh, how time flies.

Things did slow down a bit over the past few weeks, which has been nice. More time spent at home with my boys and getting the details set for our wedding which is, gasp, next Friday! Brian had his shoulder surgery a few weeks ago and has been at home unable to work again until after the wedding. All things considered, the timing has worked out well, as he’s been a huge help working on some of the wedding details and helping with all the planning. I’ve gotten spoiled having him home during the day and taken advantage of some extra time to get things done. It’s going to be tough on both of us when he goes back to work!

The big event of this past month was Little Leg’s 11th birthday on April 13. How she is 11 already, I have no idea. This weekend was especially fun because it was in conjunction with my bachelorette party. So 8 of my best friends traveled in from around the country to meet up with my friends in Chicago for a weekend that won’t soon be forgotten. My sister and soon to be sister in law made the trip as well making it extra special. Think a weekend chalked full of food, drinks, dancing, karaoke and laughing and singing so much that I lost my voice that next week. Not to mention that Little Leg’s birthday was a huge success and as usual, a night full of 'Little Leg's Ladies' dancing on the bar. Bringing people together to celebrate life and to remember how lucky we are to be alive. This year’s slogan was Little Leg, Big Year and that it will be. A new brother, a soon to be Mrs. Little Leg and a journey on the Road2Rio, a big year for sure!

An amazing moment when 3 of my fellow female wounded warriors came to the bash and brought their kids with them. After all of us became some of the first females to lose limbs in combat, we all had kids within 10 months of each other years later. We call our selves the #bandofmothers and this was the first time our kids had all met. The #bandofbabies as they will be known. A special moment for sure. The weekend ended with me feeling like the luckiest girl alive and realizing that some things in life come and go, but your best friends are there for life. A good weekend indeed.

After Australia, training was going good for a week or two and then I had this dumb ‘quad issue’ as I like to call it. Dumb because it got to the point where I couldn’t bike or run for 10 whole days while I rested it. Something that is really difficult to do when you know you should be out there training. Basically, after I gave birth to Dallas, I think I got into things a little too quick and now, a few months later, I’m paying for it. I’ve developed bad habits in my running by compensating for areas that aren’t as strong as they used to be. And at the moment, my quad and calf are paying for it big time. I did what I needed to do. Rest, massage, dry needling where they actually stick needled in your muscle to increase blood flow (see picture) and lots of time spent at the pool trying to get some exercise in. I’ve been slowly getting back into the running over the past week and about half the workouts have been good, the other half, not so much. It wasn’t ideal timing but it was something that had to be dealt with and hopefully it’s on its way up and I won’t have any other issues with it.

This race in Mexico is the CAMTRI Paratriathlon Championships and it’s a big one. It’s only athletes from Mexico, Canada and the US but we get double the points at this race, which could really help to move me up in the world rankings. I had high hopes for this race and even with the quad, I’m going to remain positive and still keep my hopes up. We start at 0830 on Friday, exactly a week before I’m getting married. Wearing a triathlon kit with USA on it one Friday and a white wedding dress the next Friday. (triathlon tan lines are sexy right?) It will be my last race before I become Mrs. Brian Tolsma so I might as well give it my all and that I will do. As always, I’m just thrilled to be out there on the course again representing the USA. Even more so as this is another step on this #road2rio that many of us are on.

So yeah, swim, bike, run, get married. Never a dull moment is there. And what a wedding it will be. It is coming together so well and I seriously can’t wait. I am done worrying about all the details, what happens that day will happen. It was a compliment when my hair lady told me that I was one of the simplest brides they ever worked with because that’s just what I was going for. It’s really a day to love and to be loved and to celebrate the fact that I get to marry my best friend and all our families and friends there to celebrate with us. It’s going to be the Best. Day. Ever. And with so many other good days along the way, that says a lot. And the fun doesn’t stop after the wedding as we head off on our honeymoon that Monday. First to Tokyo for some sightseeing and another triathlon in Yokohama Japan, and then off to Hawaii for some serious relaxation. It’s a trip mixed with both business and pleasure, trying to do well at the race and get a few more points but then celebrating our new life as a Mr. and Mrs.

Dallas is pretty pumped about the wedding as well. He’s got his outfit all set aside and promised to be on his best behavior. So did Jake, our ring bearer who will add a new level or crazy to our ceremony. And who is rapidly trying to shed the 8 pounds of baby weight he’s put on since Dallas arrived to fit in his own wedding outfit. But like his mamma, he has no willpower when it comes to any sort of treats. Like mother, like dog.

Somehow Dallas is already a whole 5 months old. He has started eating some solid foods, is getting some teeth, and manages to get his legs caught in the crib slats at night because he rolls around like an acrobat as he sleeps. He continues to grow and is on the upper end of the length growth chart, already needing some 9mo clothes. Like father, like son. He is a happy baby for the most part (except for these teeth) and we love him so very much. I often think of his little face and smile in the middle of a workout and it keeps me going. Wanting him to grow up proud of his mom and have big dreams for himself. Sometimes I look at him and have to pinch myself that he is mine and I really am a mom. Such a handsome and sweet boy that I get to call my son. Oh, and as you can see, he is already mastering the art of a selfie. Obviously a genius in the making.

So yeah, the excitement of life continues. And I know I say it often but I truly live a charmed life and am so very thankful for it. Sometimes you really just have to sit back and be thankful that you are alive. I’ll do my best to write a race update after Friday but if not, I’ll be writing to you next no longer a Ms. but a Mrs. Ahhhhhh!

Until then


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