A Metaphorical baby.

I feel like I am having another baby. Don’t worry, I’m not, (not yet) but the wait of the Rio announcement on July 8 certainly feels like there’s another baby on the way. Let’s call it the metaphorical baby. The anticipation of wondering if I will be on that team is exciting, scary and so unknown. Seriously, like having your first child. In only ONE day the wait will be over and I can only sit and wait in hopes that what I’ve done is enough. I am doing my best to stay optimistic. And busy. But seriously, after months of waiting, it is finally tomorrow!

I truly do believe it will happen but whether it does or doesn’t, it’s out of my control and I’ll always be thankful for the journey. Whatever is supposed to happen will, I am confident in that.

I’ve had some great training the past few months. After my race in Spain, I spent more time focusing on the bike and am feeling confident with it. And with the warmer Chicago weather, I have been able to get in the lake and my open water swimming is coming along while my run continues to improve. Needless to say, I am happy with my training and now I need a place to have it all come together. A place like Rio perhaps?

I was originally signed up for an ITU race in France a few weeks back. I was looking forward to redeeming my bike performance from Spain and putting up a good time. However, because of heavy rains, high currents and flooding, the swim was canceled a few days before the race and it was turned into a duathlon. As much as I would have loved to test my bike and run skills, I couldn’t justify 6 days away from the family for a duathlon in France that wasn’t going to matter in the long run. So I withdrew and spent those 6 days getting in some solid training and celebrating father’s day with Brian. It was the right decision.

While this Rio decision has pretty much consumed my life, I have been trying to keep busy to keep my mind off of it. Summer is in full swing and we added some turf, a baby pool and a sandbox to our back patio. Nothing like the hum of the air conditioners and and view of city telephone wires to help you relax... But hey, we work with what we have.

We had our annual Dare2tri 3 day camp and it was as awesome as ever. After 2 days of training with some incredible coaches, we had many athletes cross their first finish line that Sunday becoming first time triathletes! The athletes, coaches, volunteers and our staff are some of the best people I know and the weekend leaves me completely energized and inspired. It continues to be one of my favorite weekends of the year.

Dallas is pretty much the cutest 19 month old in the world and is a good distraction from this whole Rio thing. He repeats everything you say. He loves to ‘jump’, knows dozens of animal sounds, says hi to everyone we pass, loves to read, loves to give hugs and kisses, loves avocados, peanut butter and corn and is already getting too smart for us. He loves on Jake all day long and Jake has started to occasionally show some affection back. It was like the whole world turned the first time I saw it but I think Jake might, maybe, be coming around. Dallas loves to point to my bike and my prosthetic legs and shout ‘Mamma’ and it makes me melt every time. He is one of my biggest motivators and I never thought I could love a little man as much as I love him. He is the best. So is Brian. Doing his best to keep me grounded these past few weeks. I can’t decide who this is rougher on, me or him!

But really. One freaking day. Keep those fingers crossed. And toes. And hopefully you will hear me shouting to the world on Friday that I am headed to Rio as I yell to everyone who does and doesn’t want to hear that I will be there.

My #mommyroad2rio isn’t over yet.

Peace Out!

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