A bronze medal baby! (and a lot of scones)

Jeez does 5 months fly by. Seriously, almost FIVE months since Rio. That’s crazy.

Let’s just get the biggest news out of the way first. I’M PREGNANT! I mean, a bronze medal baby is the natural next step after a bronze medal in Rio, right? Is anyone really all that surprised? It seems many of us were on the same path after Rio. Compete, get tested for Zika and then try to have a baby as 4-5 people have announced post Rio babies.

Needless to say, it happened very quickly and Brian and I are pretty pumped (and scared) to give Dallas a little brother or sister this August. Jake, however, is less than thrilled with the idea. I am currently a little over 3 months along and I’ve felt a little different this time around. More nausea, headaches and an overall tired feeling but luckily I think I am on my way up from all of that. Not to mention that I should be in maternity clothes already, but thanks to spandex I might get to stick with my normal clothes a little longer. I am saying it’s the baby but it could be my post Rio diet. Oreos and French fries galore. Not really. Well, kind of.

Brian is determined to find out the gender before we have this little one, but I am holding strong that I want to wait until the delivery room. So we shall see who wins that fight. My argument is that I have to carry the baby for 10 months so I should get to choose, right? J

Other than that news…it’s been a great couple of months. The first couple weeks back from Rio were strange as the transition from a full time athlete and Paralympian to a ‘normal’ life isn’t always easy. I found myself wandering the neighborhood with my medal in my pocket eating multiple scones. Yes, multiple scones trying to figure out what to do with my life… But eventually settling in and really relaxing and spending time with family without having the daily pressure of getting workouts done each day. The holidays were great and we got to spend time with both families. In early Jan we went down to FL with my parents and my sisters family and Brian and I were going to run the Disney ½ marathon with my sister, her husband Gavin and the group Achilles. It ended up being canceled because of lightening which was a bummer for Amanda, Gavin and I. Brian on the other hand, didn’t seem all that upset… But lucky for him, our entries were deferred until next year so we get another chance! Regardless, we got in some quality cousin time with the highlight being Sea World. When we got home and asked Dallas about being a big brother he said he wanted Shamu as a brother. That kid. Always keeping us laughing.

About a week ago I got back from a week long swim camp at the Colorado Springs Olympic training center. Not something I needed to go to but I am going to miss my teammates this year and it was a good excuse to get lots of quality exercise in. As usual, we laughed our way through the camp and ended up swimming almost 20 miles. It was a little more challenging being pregnant and at altitude but a perfect way to end my first trimester. Seriously, my teammates and coaches are THE BEST!

I have been on a whirlwind speaking tour traveling 1-2 times a week. Many of them are day trips which I love because I fly out early, speak, and am sometimes even home for dinner. I really enjoy it and feel so so fortunate every time I get home that I get to do this for a living. It’s a busy couple of months but I need to get it all in before Baby T2 comes along and makes our life a little more busy!

After months of training I recently became an instructor at Shred 415, a Chicago based high intensity fitness class. Think 60 minutes of treadmill and weight work, loud music and constant motivation. It’s different than anything I’ve ever done and I LOVE it! If you are in the Chicago area, come check it out!

I’ve also started some triathlon coaching of my own and love that just as much. Working with athletes that are motivated to get fitter and faster and train towards a goal is definitely my cup of tea. If you are a triathlete (or want to be), I’m taking on a small number if athletes so feel free to reach out!

In other big news, we are making the big jump to the suburbs. It’s bittersweet but, as I’ve been told, a natural step with 2 kids even though thousands of people raise multiple kids in the city.  But our current place isn’t big enough and single family homes in the area are over a million dollars. (anyone have an extra million we can have?) We can’t move north because of Brian’s commute and we can’t get much further south in the city, so we have decided on the southwest suburb of Western springs. We found a house and our offer was accepted last week. We get a yard, a garage, the schools are excellent, it reduces Brian’s commute and Dallas will even be able to ride his bike in the street in front of our house! And all for half the price of something in the city. We will only be 30 minutes from the city and I still plan on coming to the city a few times a week. It took a while to warm up to the idea of leaving the city but it gets more and more appealing. The biggest downside is not being within a mile of my bff Keri. For a while the thought of moving so far away from her almost kept us in the city. BUT, bff’s are bff’s regardless of where you live right? Love you Keri!

Dallas is pretty much the best kid ever. He turned 2 in Nov and we pretty much bursted with love. His obsession with dinosaurs is the real deal. Always with plenty of hugs and kisses and an wants both mommy and daddy with him. If not, the ‘Where’s Daddy or Mommy?’ question is constant. Such a silly boy and we still can’t believe he is all ours.

Even in the uncertainty of the world right now, Brian and I are doing our best to keep on keeping on. We feel fortunate to live a blessed life and will stand strong with all colors, genders, races and religions to do our part in making sure everyone has the same opportunities. That is after all, what makes America so great.

So… that’s about it. This year will be one of just trying to stay fit, enjoying my family and keeping busy with the things I love. If all goes well I hope to be back on the racing circuit next year.

Here’s to hoping its not another 5 months until you hear from me again!


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