A President’s painting, an eggplant and dinosaur kisses.

As I write this I am sitting in my kitchen with a cup of ½ caffeinated coffee in my hand and an eggplant in my belly. At least that’s what my pregnancy app tells me it is! Yup, 25 weeks pregnant already. That’s over 6 months and well over halfway there, whoop whoop!

I have been told by some that I look ‘tiny’ and others that I look VERY pregnant. And the dreaded statement that ‘I look bigger than they thought I would look’. (is that ever an appropriate statement!?) Anyone that knows me well knows that I am not a huge fan of being pregnant. I feel huge, I can’t be as active as I want, lose muscle tone, etc. But.. I know it will all be worth it in the end. And really, for 25 weeks pregnant, I can’t really complain. Most days I have plenty of energy. Some days I need a nap. I am still able to swim, reach the handle bars on my bike and shuffle along on a slow run. I even did a 5K last weekend and was dang proud to cross in 40 minutes (a time I would usually cry about). I hope to have a few more weeks of running in me and then the pool will be my best friend until Aug 10th at 8am when we will meet Baby T2. The c-section has been scheduled for over two months, does anyone else find that weird? I guess that gives us plenty of time to plan. We are not finding out the gender so it will be a surprise for all and are fortunate to have a healthy baby thus far!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous to go from 1 to 2 kids. I just hope that Dallas will love this new addition as much as Brian and I will. And then we all stay sane trying to adjust to our new lives as a family of 4. Or 5 (Jake counts)

To add in some extra excitement (and just a tiny bit of stress) we are finally moving at the end of May! Our current condo has sold, renovations are being done to our new place in the suburbs and we will make the big jump in about 4 weeks. It is still bittersweet to leave the city but every time we go out there I get more and more excited. I love the yard, the big driveway and the quieter street. It’s a busy May and early June so we won’t get to actually settle, unpack and be all moved until mid June but I am looking forward to it. So many changes!

Even though my training has slowed down, the past few months were still some busy ones. I have been traveling to speak quite a bit and as tiring as the travel can get, I am taking advantage of it while I can. There is no guarantee on the longevity of a speaking career and I know that things will slow down after this baby so I am getting as much as I can in now. To include my next trip involving travel to Hawaii- Maryland- Florida- New Jersey- Chicago and then Michigan. All in 2 weeks time. That will be a doozy. But I can't complain.  I truly love speaking and sharing my message in hopes it inspires others to get out there and choose to make their life a good one.

We have also been fortunate to have some fun trips added in. Like a week in Vail skiing with the Vail Veterans Program which is always one of our favorite weeks. And we will be headed out to see my parents in SC in a few weeks. We've also had visits by my parents, Brian's dad, brother and sister in law and their kids, my niece Morgan and he is currently in FL with Brian's mom. He has no shortage of adoring family members to love on him!

I am loving my time spent coaching a few triathletes in their quests to train and race well this year. And I love being a fitness instructor at Shred 415, a high intensity treadmill and weight class in Chicago. I can coach all the way through my pregnancy and hope to continue teaching at Shred as long as I can before this baby comes! And of course working with our Dare2tri athletes is always a highlight of my weeks and months!

Little Leg is officially a teenager. She turned 13 on April 13 and as usual, we celebrated in style. This year’s slogan was ‘Little Leg’s bronze birthday, it’s the new gold’. It was extra special this year because my parents and Brian’s brother and sister in law and dad came into town along with our usual crew of out of towners. It is always a fun weekend and one that leaves me thankful for life and my support system of family and friends. They are the best.

Some pretty exciting news was the release of George Bush’s new book of paintings called Portraits of Courage where he painted wounded Veterans that he has connected with over the years. It is such an honor to be included in his book and even cooler that instead of a portrait, he painted he and I dancing, based on a picture of us back in 2012 after a day mountain biking with some other wounded warriors. I got to travel to NYC and be on the Today show with '43' himself and 3 of the other Veterans painted in the book. Keri got to join me making it all that much more special. All of his paintings have such a story to tell and all proceeds go back to the Veterans. Check it out today!

Dallas is pretty much the cutest little man ever. In every single way. He is dinosaur obsessed and knows a dinosaur that starts with every letter of the alphabet. (Yes there are even dinosaurs that star with W, Y and Z) He is a lover and loves hugs and kisses  (especially dinosaur kisses) and loves any 'friends' he sees throughout the day. He talks up a storm and says things that make my heart melt. Like after a slow run he says, 'Mommy, that was a beautiful run'. He points out every little thing we pass. He loves to stop and smell all the flowers. When we leave a restaurant he says goodbye to every single table. He says thank you to the woman at the front desk at the gym. And I could go on and on. He is simply the best and I just hope he never changes. He will start daycare on June 5 out by our new house and I know I will be that mom crying in the parking lot as I drop him off. I just want him to be this cute and little and loving forever and ever.

So..I guess that’s about it. Brian continues to work hard at work, on his hockey skates and the golf course when he can. Jake continues to give us the silent treatment and sometimes pretends he still likes us. But life continues to be good and I have no complaints.

So here’s to hoping I will write one more time before this baby arrives into the world. If not, there will be plenty of sleepless nights to write more after it arrives. Until then, PEACE OUT!

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