Dear Jake.

Dear Jake,

I am sure by now you have sniffed your way to dozens of tennis balls, eaten through a jar of peanut butter, maybe a few beef sticks and are basking by the sun next to a pretty lake up there in your doggie heaven. We sure miss you a lot down here.

I got the call from Brian yesterday when I was in TX that you weren’t doing so well and only had a few hours left to live. They called you an old man, what nerve! You had a tumor and it burst and you were bleeding a lot and they said you might not make it through a surgery. I am so sorry I wasn’t there to hold your paw all day yesterday but I got on the first flight I could. Thanks for holding on so I could see you again. This wasn’t how we were supposed to say goodbye. We always said when the time came, we would give you one last best day ever. Doing all the things you loved with a new tennis ball every hour while you ate all the things you loved that they always told me not to feed you. That’s how it was supposed to go. Seeing you wheeled in on a doggie stretcher last night was not part of my plan, but I guess life never really goes as planned now does it.

I bet your plan never included those 2 small humans Brian and I brought into our family and into your life. I know you loved them and they sure loved you. I always promised I would never let them take any attention away from you but we both know that happened and I am so sorry. We loved you just the same, I promise we did.

I know you know how much you were a part of our family. You weren’t like family, you were family and boy did we go through a lot together. Remember that time you jumped off a waterfall because you saw me at the bottom and almost landed on that rock. You sure gave me a good scare there! Or the time you ate a glow stick, ha, you probably thought it was a hotdog. All the plane rides we took, I bet you have more frequent flyer miles than any other dog up there. Ask around, I bet I’m right. I also bet you could win a tail chasing competition up there. Remember when we ran that half marathon together and you got your very own medal? And all those times we had you run on the treadmill, yeah, sorry about that... What about that time you ran head on into a fence chasing a ball and it looked like you had a third eye? Or when you got your head stuck in a box trying to get a ball... people still talk about that one. Or when you tried to eat a whole Costco pumpkin pie? Oh oh, how about when you met President George W Bush himself. You gave him a quick kiss and then sprinted off down the line of a dozen other Veterans as we all looked on with smiles on our faces. That’s what you did bud, you brought smiles to the faces of everyone that met you.

I am going to miss the sound of your tail wags hitting the couch as I come down the stairs and I doubt I’ll ever get used to seeing that couch empty. And who is going to greet me at the door with such excitement every time I come home? I’ll miss the pressure of your head resting on my foot and how you always tried to have your paw on top of me. It’s like a game we played, my hand, your paw. You always won. Gosh, I’ll even miss our walks where you stopped to sniff every bush, rock, curb and fence. What did they smell like anyways? And the cuddles, oh the cudddles. You were the best little spoon. Every tennis ball I see will bring back a flood of memories and I hope they have enough of them up there for you.

You were a gentle soul with the kindest heart and eyes and touched the lives of everyone you met. This world was a happier place with you here and it feels wrong to wake up this morning and not have you in it.
You were my most loyal companion and being your owner for the past 9 years has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

Thank you for all the love and the light you brought to my life. I hope you loved your life as much as we loved you. Keep on chasing those tennis balls. And maybe if I listen hard enough I’ll hear those tail wags down here.

Love your forever owner, Melissa ♥️? ?


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