The journey of a #trimom.

Millie is almost ONE year old already! Can you believe it, because I certainly can’t! But in just one week, we will have the cutest, toothless one year old and a soon to be 4 year old (in Nov) on our hands. Oh how time flies.

But for real, calling Millie the cutest one year old is no joke, because she is. For real. She smiles so much throughout the day, her dimples are probably only getting bigger. She LOVES her big brother and kicks her little legs as quick as she can out of excitement whenever she sees him. She loves to take his toys, she loves to eat and with no teeth, it’s amazing what this girl can get down. I mean, the teeth have to come eventually right? One can hope... She loves playing in the water, she loves to play in the dirt and has started taking a few steps with a push walker. Our girl brings us so much joy we can barely stand it sometimes. But now that she is a year old, I don't think I can use the excuse anymore of 'I just had a baby' in my racing and training. Or can I...

Dallas returns the love for his sister or ‘my Millie’ as he calls her, and is great at playing with her and showering her with hugs. And us. He certainly loves his hugs. On occasion he does like to throw things at her, ‘smack’ her with a piece of cardboard, you know, big brother stuff. We like to think it toughens her up. He has progressed in the pool and enjoys anytime in the water he can get. He recently started with soccer and will try another sport in the fall. But I think what he likes most is searching for worms. Or racing me down the street on his bike while I run. Or playing with buddies on our street. Or pulling down his pants in a random park or public (outside) place to go to the bathroom. Or eating ice cream. Or doing dinosaur puzzles. Yup, the dino phase is stilllll with us. But it comes and goes a little bit. And I guess I will be sad when it’s over. So keep those dino’s coming… I think one of my favorite moments with him was one evening when I was in the driveway working on my transitions from bike to run. He sat out there with me, watching me switch from bike to run leg, and he asked me over and over to put my prosthetic leg on him so he could try it and had so many questions about all of it. It was such a cool moment and I'm holding out hopes that someday he will be out on the course with me. He is a great kid with such a big heart and although he can certainly act his age at times, we love him so. And I hope those hugs last forever and ever.

My training continues to dictate my days and I’m happy to report my fitness and speed is having an upward trend. My speed in the swim and on the bike has continued to improve. And my run, taking the longest to comeback, is still a work in progress but it’s getting there. I can feel the greatness with it sometimes, so I know it’s there somewhere!

If you read my last blog you know my hope this year was to get into some of the races where I could earn some big points and move my way up the world rankings. I am happy to report that I made it into two of the big point races and have traveled to London, Italy and Canada to race. My first race in London was a smaller race with less points on the line and I ended up on top of the podium but not much of my competition was there. I had a last minute invite to the World Series (and big point) race in Italy and we had a stacked field. I needed to get within the top 5 to make it worthwhile and was thrilled with a 4thplace finish against some of the fastest girls in the world in my category. Then most recently, my 2nd World Series event in Edmonton where I again came in 4th. It was on a hilly course that did not suit my strengths and while I was hoping for the podium, I fell short in 4th. But I gave it the best I could and am proud of that. And so goes the journey of a #trimom.

I have not moved up much in the rankings simply because I did not race last year and have no previous points to add to my races this year. I also did not race world championships last year which is where everyone above me got the majority of their points. So now, the big hope is to race in World Championships this September. In order to go, I will have to get an invite slot because 2 other Americans, Hailey and Allysa are above me on the world rankings and they only take 2 from each country on the initial start list. This is no foreign concept as I’ve been dealing with hopes of invites, and wait lists for a while now. Our hope is that my races this year, and being able to beat those ranked above me, will prove that I should be on the start list at Worlds. So keep those fingers crossed that it does. I am currently ranked #8 in the world. If I get into Worlds, I should jump up a few spots by the end of the year just given how many points you can get from Worlds. If I don’t get in, it doesn’t mean my bid for Tokyo is over, it just means I need to try for it again next year. And because next year I will have previous points from this year, that will help with the rankings as well. So yeah, it’s confusing, but I’m trusting the process, doing what I can and chipping away at it all little by little! I am lucky to have a coach that believes in family/ training balance and feel fortunate to balance it all.

Brian continues to be the most supportive husband ever. When I found out I was going to Italy, we had 7 days to figure out logistics for the kids and he didn’t once complain about the fact that I was going to be gone for so long on such short notice. He supports me on my good days, on my bad days and I know he is cheering me on whether he’s along the sidelines of the race course or not. I am so very lucky to have him as my husband and for all that he gives to our family.

Earlier this summer we decided that it would be nice for Brian to be home a little bit more and is no longer with his previous employer. He had a few months off this summer which was so helpful. Having him around for mornings, and dinners and he crossed a million things off our list of things to get done around the house. You should see our yard! He also got in plenty of golf, many bike rides and more time with yours truly. As great as it’s been, he can’t be a forever stay at home dad, and his new job with Otto Bock starts in early August. It’s a company within the prosthetic industry and they make high end prosthetics (like the knee I use). We are both excited about the job which requires some travel but gives him some flexibility when he’s home. So one more full week of freedom and he’s back to being a working man. Oh, and he's doing the Chicago triathlon triple again this year. Three triathlons in three days. Because why not right?

It’s been a great summer and we've had some fun trips to include spending July 4th with my family in South Carolina and seeing Brian's family in MI a few times. I've continued some travel on the speaking circuit with a highlight speaking at the CIA early this year. We still have plans of spending a few days at a lake house in August and then visiting some friends in CO over Labor Day. And then in September is the hope of World Championships and a girls trip hiking into the Grand Canyon with college friends and our moms. My mom will turn 72 in the Grand Canyon, how cool is that?!

I continue to be amazed at the beauty of life and all that it brings. Hug your loved ones and fly those flags high and proud. Until next time,


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