Chicago Tribune (Dec 2012)
CNN (Nov 2012) (Aug 2012)
The Insider (July 2012)
Tri Magazine (June 2012)
W100 (May 2012)
CO Gazette (April 2012)
Warrior Games (April 2012)
Champion of Change (Mar 2012)
Champion of Change, dare2tri (Mar2012)
ABC Everyday Health Heroes (Mar2012)
Masters Swimming magazine (Feb 2012)
Twisted Fate, Lifetime TV (Jan 2012)
Blue Ridge News (Jan 2012)
Endurance Podcast (Nov 2011) (Sep 2011)
WGN-AM Chicago (Aug 2011)
Challenge Magazine (Aug 2011)
Sports Illustrated (Aug 2011)
New Yorker ad w/ VetDogs (July 2011)
Sun Times (June2011)
Trib Local (June 2011)
USA swimming (May 2011)
USA Triathlon (Spring 2011)
Boomer and Canton NYC radio(APR11) (Mar11)
USA Triathlon (Jan11)
USA Triathlon (Sep10)
NBC Chicago (Aug10)
ABC, channel 7 (Aug10)
USA triathlon (July10)
US Paralympics (May10)
Chicago athlete magazine (May10)
Little Rock news, channel 2 (Nov09)
Chicago channel 2 (Aug09)
Chicago Tribune (Aug09)
CBS (Aug09)
The View (May09)
Triathlon Life magazine (Feb09)
ABC Chicago (Jan09)
CNN with Lou Dobbs (Nov 08)
Adventure Women’s magazine (Oct 08)
Windy City Sports Chicago (Oct 08)
Fox (Sep08)
Channel 9 news (Sep08) (Sep 08)
CBS news (Sep 08) (Aug08)
Rocky Mountain News (July 08)

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